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Ambassador Abdirashid meets Somali Diaspora community in Minnesota

Storyline:National News

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The newly appointed Somali ambassador to the United States of America Abdirashid Ali Sharmaarke arrived Minnesota, where the world’s largest number of Somali Diaspora reside to meet Somali community and their leaders in the region.

Ambassador Abdirashid discussing the situation of the country with the community leaders urged the leaders to work together as a whole and take part in the reconstruction of the country.
He confirmed to the community that a delegation led by the President of the republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will visit Somali community in Minnesota, where he will discuss the current situation in the country with the community.
Meanwhile, Somali community leaders religious leaders,scholars, intellectuals, businessmen people, students and politicians gave reports of the Diaspora community to the ambassador.

The Diaspora community leaders said they are ready to collaborate with ambassador and take part in the reconstruction of the country.


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