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AMISOM trains 198 new police recruits in Hirshabelle State, Jowhar

Storyline:National News, Security


A total of 198 newly recruited Somali police personnel have graduated and are expected to boost ongoing efforts to maintain law and order in Hirshabelle State.

Trained by police instructors from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the police personnel including  21 women, on Thursday passed out at the Jowhar Police Academy.

This is the third batch of Hirshabelle police recruits trained by AMISOM at the academy. They will be deployed in Hiraan and Middle Shabelle regions. So far, AMISOM has trained a total of 600 police officers, including this batch.

At the colourful ceremony, they displayed a simulation exercise including drills, self-defence, and alertness.

The Hirshabelle State Deputy President, Ali Abdullahi Hussein, urged the new police personnel to cooperate with the public to defeat the terrorists.

“The police force should be friendly to the public to assist victims and apprehend criminals. They need to take action on terrorists and support efforts to restore peace and stability, which are essential for development,” Deputy President Hussein, told the recruits.

The AMISOM Police Coordinating Officer for Hirshabelle State, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Yuyi Mwala, was confident of the capacity of the newly trained Somali police personnel.

“We have delivered a good cadre of recruits,” said ACP Mwala.

The Hirshabelle Minister for Security, Mohamed Abdirahman Kheyre, thanked AMISOM and international partners including the European Union, United Kingdom, Germany, and UNOPS, for their support in building the capacity of the police force in Somalia.

“Hirshabelle plans to train 800 officers. We will soon start recruiting two hundred more officers, and the preparations have been finalised,” said Minister Kheyre.

One of the police graduates, Amran Ali Hussein, said he was ready to apply the skills and knowledge acquired to secure Somalia.

“I am ready to defend and serve my people and nation using my newly acquired skills,” said Amran.

As part of its mandate, the AMISOM Police component trains, mentors, and advises the Somali Police Force (SPF) to help build their capacity and meet international policing standards. This is also contained in the Somalia Transition Plan.