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Beledweyne Floods Commission received $ 1,140,000 as emergency fund

Storyline:National News, Security

The President of Hirshabelle State of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Ware handed over aid fund to Beledweyne Floods Commission from the Federal Government of Somalia and Djibouti in a meeting held attended by members of Hirshabelle state officials, various sections of the Beledweyne community led by youth and traditional elders in Beledweyne, Hiraan region.

The president said Djiboutian government donated $ 600,000 while the federal government of Somalia provided $ 500,000; in separate, the National Flood Commission donated $ 40,000 making the total money to $ 1,140,000.

The Djibouti government last week distributed 90 tones of food aid to the displaced civilians in Hiran region which have been affected by the recent flooding of the Shabelle River.

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