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Booco village liberated after 13-year grip by Al-Shabaab

Storyline:National News, Security

GOOBJOOG NEWS|BELETWEYNE: The Somali National Army, with support from locals, has captured the strategic village of Booco on Tuesday, which is 50 km south of Beletweyne, the provincial capital of Hiran.

 The retaking of the village has been termed by jubilant residents who were on hand to receive the governor of Hiran Ali Jeyte Osman as “historic” as the area has been under the grip of the terrorist organization for the last 13 years.

Booco has served as the group’s focal point for a number of years. The group had established vibrant courts and taxation outposts, where villagers were being subjected to hefty levies. Locals also claimed that the location was perfect for planning assassinations and bombings.

Speaking to the media, Hiraan region governor, Ali Jeyte Osman, said they were able to retake the village without any difficulties as the terrorists fled the area after they got wind of a possible invasion. 

Commander Jeyte also vowed that operations would go on as planned and that the forces, with the help of the local militia, will continue with the offensive operation until the last member of the group is taken down.