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Business rivalry reason for Las-Anod evictions-sources

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|LAS-ANOD: Hundreds of people who were evicted from Las-Anod by the Somaliland government have arrived in Mudug and Nugal regions aboard lorry trucks as sources claim business rivalry may have necessitated the expulsions.

A group arrived Monday night in Galkaayo while another was received in Burtinle by residents and the Puntland administration.

The evictees left their homes in Las-Anod Saturday after they were rounded up in night raids and kicked out by the Somaliland administration over accusations of insecurity in the area.

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However, sources privy to the development have told Goobjoog News the reasons for the evictions involve business rivalry. According to the sources who requested anonymity, the evictees, who are from the Digil and Mirifle clan largely occupying the South West state became a target of envy after their businesses thrived in the city.

“They are known for their business acumen; they came here and build businesses which rivalled locals and that is where the problem started,” our source said.

The sources added that the ‘immigrants’ had good business networks bringing in goods from as far as Mogadishu and ‘their prices were much fairer compared to shops owned by locals’.

The business rivalry, sources added, build a sense of jealousy and ‘fear of foreigners taking over’ the source said and with that, the local government sided with the locals leading to the evictions.

The evictions have also raised fears of reprisals for traders from Las-Anod who operate in other parts of the country including Mogadishu.

Authorities in Las-Anod however point fingers at the community for rising cases of insecurity in the area. A member of the city council was recently gunned down in the town amid a spate of killings witnessed.