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Colourful ceremony to mark Goobjoog’s second anniversary held in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

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Ceremony meant to commemorate the second anniversary of Goobjoog FM’s foundation was held in Moghadishu on Tuesday 14th July.

The colourful ceremony was attended by Minister for information Mustaf Ali Dhuhilow, federal parliament MP and parliamentary media affairs committee Abdi Haashi Abdullahi, the general director of the ministry of culture and higher education Ismail Yussuf Osman, SIU rector Prof. Yahye, teachers, Journalist and civil society.

Speaking at the ceremony the director of Goobjoog FM Hassan Mohamud Mohamed said that Goobjoog FM did more during the two years on air adding that as a private radio it was established to act as a guide to the society and promote peace and stability.

On his side the general director of Ministry of culture and higher education Ismail Yussuf Osman praised Goobjoog’s effort to develop, regenerate and promote education level of the country by initiating special programs that are of great importance to the community

Prof. Yahya Ali Ibrahim, SIU rector said that Goobjoog FM has succeed to develop and enhance the education level of the students in all the areas it breached.

Finally the minister for information of federal government of Somalia Mustafa Sheikh Ali Dhuxulow a key guest of the ceremony praised the management and the staff of Goobjoog FM and urged them in the same spirit of upholding social services.












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