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Defiant ex-Hiiraan governor says still in office

Storyline:National News

Embattled former governor of Hiiraan region has claimed his is still in office and maintained he was not responsible for the killing of two senior police officers Tuesday.

In an interview with Goobjoog News, Dabageed who was fired last Friday from his post denied any involvement in the clash between his militias and police officers in Beletwyne that resulted in the death of Hiiraan police commissioner Mohamed Mahow Halane.

“I did not do anything to warrant my arrest,” said Dabageed. Asked about orders by HirShabelle state attorney general to arrest him, the former governor said, “There is no attorney general in HirShabelle. I am not aware of any orders.”

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The former administrator’s remarks come amid reports his forces denied entry HirShabelle president Mohamed Waare yesterday forcing him to spend the night outside the town.

“Waare refused to be president of all in HirShabelle and now you have seen the result. He is not in Beletwyene now; he is in a military camp on the banks of a river full of human eating animals.”

Dabageed, a long serving administrator and warlord who has served on different times in Hiiraan region was forced out of office last Friday by Waare following several run-ins. He fought alongside Ethiopian forces against Islamic Courts in 20026.

Ali Mohamed Arale was appointed new mayor of Hiiraan region.