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‘Dejected and rejected’, HirShabelle’s Waare bows out

Storyline:National News

HirShabelle President Mohamed Waare has ‘resigned’ over what he termed as ‘rejection’ of his proposal by the Federal Government to allow a delay of state elections until the election of Federal MPs and Senators.

But his resignation comes after his term in office lapsed rendering the resignation letter dated November 2, 2020 inconsequential. Waare’s justification which would otherwise result in term extension comes amid heightened political tension in Jowhar ahead of presidential elections.

Waare who remained loyal to the Federal Government for the longest when his counterparts in the other Federal Member States ganged up against Mogadishu leaves office a wasted political force.

He also expressed ‘surprise’ on the ‘silence of lawmakers who had been critical of the Federal Government’. Left alone at the Villa, Waare jotted a letter and declared exit form an office which he was, constitutionally, bidding time.

The state parliament will be electing a new speaker and deputies tomorrow to pave way for the election of a new president. His Vice President Abdullahi Ali Guudlaawe is now a favourite of Mogadishu and likely president of the nascent federal state.

Sometime in September 2018 at the crescendo of a fall-out between the Federal Member States and Mogadishu, Waare, who has variously been accused of operating from Mogadishu bolted out of the then Council for Inter-Governmental Cooperation (CIC) terming it an ‘opposition party’.

CIC was an outfit formed by the defiant FMS leaders to champion their cases against the Federal Government. In his exit note, Waare said, “I will align myself with the Federal Government but if they mistreat me, I will leave’.

Two years later, Waare is leaving a dejected man accusing Mogadishu of not hearkening to his pleas.