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Deni doubtful on universal poll, urges dialogue on way forward

Storyline:National News

Puntland president Said Deni has expressed doubts over likelihood of holding universal elections in Somalia next year noting the were no directions yet from the Federal Government on the way forward.

Noting that there was only a year into the polls, the Puntland leader said there was need for dialogue to find a way forward.

“With only one year remaining, there are no indications on how the elections will take place,” Deni said. the Puntland leader noted the clan matrix was still relevant but called for negotiations.

“If they are saying 4.5 chapter is over, it’s not over yet. It is still negotiable but we have to come together and discuss where we are headed to. There is no third way.”

Parliament is still debating the Elections Bill which is supposed to provide the framework for the elections slated for October next year.

So far, there is no clarity from the National Independent Elections Commissions on what form the elections will take.