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Elders in Hiiran region call for peace over the clan clashes in the region

Storyline:National News

The traditional elders in Hiran region expressed concern over the ongoing clan clashes in the region that has caused casualties.

Traditional elders have appealed an immediate a ceasefire in tribal fighting in Hiiran and Middle Shabelle that killed several people for the past weeks.

The fighting between clan militias started after land and pasture dispute between sub-clans which have led to deadly fighting which displaced hundreds of residents including women and children.

The traditional elders urged the warring sides to listen to the appeals and end the hostilities without condition.

The elders in Beledweyne, the headquarters of Hiran region have called for a ceasefire and bring immediately bring the sides to the negotiating table.

The elders have also called HirShabelle state government and the Federal government of Somalia to take an immediate response to end clan clashes in the region.

The two clans have fought over the region several times in the past, and while the state and the federal government has been able to mediate between the groups, a lasting ceasefire has never been achieved.

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