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FGS busy destroying federalism and amassing power-Puntland Senators

Senators from Puntland have castigated the federal government for what they termed as failure to realise key milestones in the country including the completion of the constitutional review process, security and relations with the federal member states.

Speaking in Garowe Monday, the senators accused President Mohamed Farmaajo’s administration of ‘underhand dealings’ to sow discord in the Federal Member states and stifle the functioning of both the Federal and state parliaments.

Senator Abdirahman Faroole said there was no progress in the constitutional review process with only 18 months remaining before the current administration’s term lapses. “We are remaining with only 18 months in the four year term and there is no constitution in place,” Faroole charged. “Those tasked with the review process are not at work and the federal member states lack representation.”

Noting the security situation of the country was in a critical state, Faroole said the government was instead busy pouring money to disrupt elections in the regions citing South West where several people were killed during the December 2018. Faroole, a former president of Puntland said the Federal government paid 21 contestants in the Puntland elections to influence the process in its favour.

“Fortunately,” Faroole said, “The people of this state chose the person they wanted.” He added the federal government had also sought to muzzle the federal parliament and state parliaments to derail federalism but noted, “Those who think they can change things now must know we are in a locked room called federalism and the keys are with the federal member states and the Upper House.”

On his part, Senator Mahid Dahiir Nuur warned that the country was undergoing a citizen-led revolution likening to the downfall of former president Siad Barre. Senator Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud noted the country had witnessed deteriorating relations between the federal government and the federal member states but noted, “We hope we will settle this issue and move forward.”