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Former Abdi Iley Spy chief Muktar Sheik Subane arrested in Somaliland

Storyline:Security, World

The report indicates Former Abdi Iley spy chief, Muktat Sheik Subane arrest in Hargeisa, According to Mohamed Old Media and Communications Advisor to president Mustafa Omer of SRS, Muktar Sheik Subane was apprehended in Hargeisa Somaliland in collaboration with Somaliland security agencies.

He is accused of crimes related to gross human rights violations, targeted executions, kidnappings and countless other crimes, including the targeting of different ethnic groups and places of worship on the last days of the Abdi Iley regime.

Muktar Subane was a former ONLF fighter before surrendering to Abdi Iley whom he will join his Liyu Police and quickly rise within its ranks to end up his spy chief. He was also on the wanted list of the federal prosecutor general’s office among other Abdi Iley close associates.

It was also just a few months ago that Hassan Dheere, the former Jail Ogaden chief, was captured in Puntland. However, despite these higher-profile captures, most of those accused of orchestrating the most heinous crimes against the Somali people are still at large, most notably, Abdirahman Labagolle — Abdi Iley’s chief security administrator and Liyu Police commander. Mohamed Olad added

Source: Horndiplomate