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Former DC of Bulo-Burde call to end the clan clash in Mataban area of Hiiran region

Storyline:National News

The former district commissioner of Bulo-Burde district Ali Abdi Guure has called the people of Matabaan district to end the clan clashes in the area.

Ali Abdi Gure told Goobjoog News that the people of Hirshabelle have a key role in eradicating the conflict between the clans in Matabaan area of Hiran region.

Gure has condemned the people of Hiiran region for not taking part their role of peacemaking in the community, and that the leaders of the region are not happy of the current clan clashes in the region.

“We are saddened by the recent clan clashes in the region, we call on for a ceasefire, and everybody in the region has the responsibility to take part in the peace, “added Gure

Clan clashes have erupted several times in Matabaan area which has resulted in the loss of lives and properties.

Hiiraan has been experiencing tensions between clans in the region, but the leaders in the region have made lots of efforts to bring these tensions to an end.

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