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GAROWE: Farmaajo, FMS leaders settle for dispute mechanism

Storyline:National News

In what could herald a new chapter engagement after two years of political upheaval, the Federal and State government leaders have agreed to form an intergovernmental mechanism to handle relations between the two levels of government.

Goobjoog News has learnt that the ongoing meeting in Garowe chaired by President Mohamed Farmaajo has agreed to form a committee which shall be the focal point between the Federal Government and Federal Member States (FMS).

It is not clear though if the new body will be ad hoc one or shall be anchored in law as provided for by article 111 of the Provisional Constitution. Article 111F lays the basis for the formation of Inter-State Commission which shall ‘facilitate intergovernmental coordination and cooperation between Federal Government and the governments of the Federal Member States’.

The Commission is also tasked with resolving disputes between the FGS and individual states or among the FMS governments.

Following souring of relations between President Farmaajo administration and the FMS which started in mid 2017, the FMS leaders formed the Council of Inter-State Cooperation (CIC) which became the rallying point for the FMS leaders. The CIC announced in Garowe last September the formation of a parallel state army noting it could no longer depend on Mogadishu for security.

NEW LEASE: Galmudug term extended by 1 year

The ongoing meeting, Goobjoog News also learnt agreed to review the Petroleum and Elections Bills following simmering tensions amid complaints by the FMS leaders that they were never consulted during the drafting of the bills, both of which have been approved by the cabinet.

The Petroleum Act Amendment Bill 2019 and the Elections Act were endorsed by the cabinet last week but Jubbaland fired the first salvo lamenting the bills were alien to them since they were not involved in the consultative process.

Other areas of agreement include the resumption of Somaliland talks and joint efforts in the war on terror. Ministries of both levels of government must also work together, the leaders agreed.

The meeting also reached a compromise deal to extend the term of Galmudug government for a year (See separate story).