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HirShabelle state president Waare reshuffled his cabinets

Storyline:National News

HirShabelle state President Mohamed Abdi Waare has reshuffled his cabinets, a statement issued by his office announced the reshuffling of the cabinets today.

Waare said that his consultations with his deputy and everyone involved were related has acted some ministers to be discharged from their offices and some new cabinets to be appointed.

The following are the new minister and deputy ministers appointed by president Waare


  1. Ms Aisha Khalif Mohamed-Minister of Women’s Affairs and Human Rights
  2. Mp Kadar Hassan Mohamed-Minister of Constitution and Federalism
  3. Mp Adan Mohamed Muse-Minister for Earthquake Protection and Landmine Monitor
  4. Mp Farah Mohamed Osman-Minister for Ports and Maritime Transport
  5. Mp Abdikarim Ali Nuur-Minister reconciliation and resettlement

Government minister

  1. Mp Khalif Mumin Toxow-Minister of justice and courts
  2. Mp Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Abdi-Minister of State for Disaster Management
  3. Mp Abdullahi Abdi Afrah-Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
  4. Ms Sacdiyo Mohamed Nuur-Minister of Women Affairs and Human Rights

Deputy Ministers

  1. Mp Abdikadir Abukar Muhumed-Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development
  2. Mp Ahmed Bariise Haydar-Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs and Local Government
  3. Mp Halimo Ali Said-Deputy Minister for Women Affairs and Human Rights
  4. Mp Hassan Mohamed Ahmed-Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs
  5. Mp Abdikadir Farah Ahmed (Shuutaale)-Deputy Minister of environment protection of land and sea.
  6. Mp Abdullahi Mohamed Haji Ali-Deputy Minister for Reconciliation and Re-settlement.

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