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IDPs of Sool region conduct an environmental voluntary campaign

Storyline:National News

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Aynabo town of Sool region have today conducted an environmental voluntary campaign to clean-up their camps.

As part of efforts to bridge divisions and unite the diverse community groups to work toward the common goals of peace, development and reconciliation, the clean-up exercise focused on voluntarism among the IDPs.

“Heaps of garbage covered the few available roads in the IDP sites. The lack of accessible roads greatly undermined social development and recovery efforts; however, with today’s clean up, accessibility to our sites will be easier,” said one of the participants.

Some women among the voluntary exercise told Goobjoog News that they have organized of their own and they started their clean-up exercise in the IDP sites, swarming over the narrow dirt lanes to remove large volumes of refuse that lay in front of residents’ shelters.

“I never had such a proud moment as when we cleaned our own houses and street,” said one of the participants. “Today the streets are clean, our environment welcoming and our morale high.”

The result of this clean-up exercise was a clean and tidy community environment that was very much appreciated by local residents.

The objective of this activity was to serve as an example to local residents and encourage community members to maintain a clean living environment.

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