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Inauguration of Puntland: Jubbaland Madobe call to end disputes in a discussion

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland president Ahmed Madoobe has praised the people of Puntland for their warm welcoming and congratulated them on their new President Said Abdullahi who will lead the state for the next five years.

Madobe has expressed his appreciation towards the parliamentarians of Puntland state for their exemplary election of their new president Deni.

Speaking at the Puntland’s president inauguration Ahmed Madobe has indicated that the processes of Puntland presidential election was fair and transparent and call to be a very good lesson for the people in the country.

The President also said that we have to challenge individually about the future of our country and call the current leaders to leave a good legacy behind for the upcoming generations.

Lastly president Madobe said that Somalia needs leaders with good co-operation and to end all the disputes between the leaders in a discussion and work together for a better future of the country.

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