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Madobe, Dani urge FGS to ‘cease undermining FMS’

Storyline:National News

Puntland and Jubbaland leaders have called on the Federal Government to work together with the Federal Members States instead of ‘seeking to undermine them’.

Speaking during a joint conference in Bosaso, Puntland’s Abdullahi Dani and his Jubbaland counterpart Ahmed Madobe urged the government to engage with the regional government and bolster service provision.

“The Federal Government cannot work unless there is mutual respect and consultation with the state governments,” Madobe said. The Federal Government said last year it would not recognize Madobe as president of Jubbaland following a controversial election there.

Dani echoed Madobe’s sentiments calling on the government to provide services instead of fighting with the regional governments.

“The Federal Government has failed in addressing the security of the country and instead is busy challenging the leadership and established administration and its people in the region,” said Dani.

He accused the Federal Government of ‘using professionals and elders in Bosaso to overthrow his administration.”

The two leaders pledged to work together for the betterment of their respective states.