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Nugal governor warns Fed’ Govt against interference of state polls

Storyline:National News

Nugal regional governor in Puntland Abdisalan Hersi has asked the federal government to keep off interference of the state presidential elections slated for January.

Hersi told the media in Garowe Monday the government had dispatched MPs to the northeastern state without ‘consultations with Puntland administration.

“The federal government has sent MPs and other politicians to Nugal region without any arrangement with the Puntland administration in Garowe,” said Hersi.

Hersi said the federal government should let the people of Puntland make their own choices without interference.

The local administrator also urged the PM Hassan Khaire to honour his pledges to the region he made about five months during the 20th anniversary celebrations for Puntland.

Governor Hirsi called on the federal government to stop the interference and allow the people of Puntland to exercise their political and civil rights without any influence.

Puntland administration blocked Planning Minister Gamal Hassan and national electoral chief Halima Yarey from addressing Puntland State University in September following cession of cooperation with federal government by federal member states early September.

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