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President Gas announces to defend his seat in the new poll 2019

Storyline:National News

President of Puntland State Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas has today officially announced that he will defend his seat for the coming presidential election of Puntland in early January 2019.

Abdiweli Gaas, speaking in an event occasion held in Garowe has addressed the people about the role of his government during his five years term in office.

“I will focus to complete the reformation of economic development, building a strong army, and generate job opportunities for the youth in the region,” said Gas

He added that he will end the war disputes and liberate Sool region and also complete the ongoing road constructions between El Dahir and Eyl to Garowe, and continue to advance Bosaaso and Garacad ports as a strategy for investments.

In the last few months, Puntland major cities have been hit by presidential candidates for who have been addressing the public with their action plans if they were elected.

Puntland presidential election comes as there are still disputes between the federal government and its member states.

The Puntland presidential election is expected to be conducted in January 2019.

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