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 President Ware closes trade and agriculture investment showcase

Storyline:National News

Hirshabelle state President Mohamed Abdi Ware has closed the Agriculture Trade and Investment Conference, which has been taking place in the capital jawhar for the past two days.

The conference was organized by growth, enterprise, employment and livelihoods (GEEL) with the support of USAID, businessmen, members of various business enterprises, agricultural cooperatives, Veterinarians, experts and other authorities were attended the conference.

 President Mohamed Abdi Ware speaks at the closing of the show, went on to discuss the importance of Somalia resources, and commended the efforts of the program to implement it and encouraged entrepreneurs who presented their business in the production of Somalia.

Hirshabelle state president Mohamed Abdi Ware further encouraged Hirshabelle farmers to get the fruits of their efforts in order to grow their production in the country, Hirshabelle president pledged to help farmers and pastoralists to improve development, Production and livestock

 Hirshabele state President Mohamed Abdi Ware has demanded cooperation and tight work from the federal government as progress depends on security.

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