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Prime Minister Sharmarke welcomes the Parliament approval for extension on the appointment of the Council of Ministers

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January 17th, 2014, Mogadishu-The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke welcomes the House of the People’s approval of his administration’s request for extension to facilitate further consultation on the appointment of the Council of Ministers.

In his letter to the Speaker of the Federal Parliament, Prime Minister Sharmarke acknowledged the need to build consensus in his efforts to establish a national unity government tasked with achieving the Vision 2016 agenda.

“I appreciate the continued support of the Federal Parliament to my administration in our endeavor to deliver critical services to the Somali people and to accomplish the key tasks ahead of us,” said Prime Minister Sharmarke.

The Prime Minister also recognized the enduring patience and optimism shown by the Somali people and reiterated his commitment to fulfill their shared aspirations for the country.

Communications Department
Office of the Prime Minister