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Puntland administration ban federal gov’t officials in the region ahead of election

Storyline:National News

Puntland authorities have recently announced that they have banned federal government officials such as ministers, directors, military officials and Villa Somalia staff during the Puntland presidential election and its preparations.

During the election period, Puntland administration will not allow any cash money to flow in the region and anyone who tries his/her money will be confiscated by the administration.

The statements also warn that anyone who is not in military service will not be allowed to carry weapons in the Puntland capital during the election.

Puntland authorities will not also allow any cash money to be passed through all the Airports in the region and also have called all the airlines operating in the region to pass their passengers’ list before they land in Puntland.

Nugal administration will not also permit any political meetings to be held in the region without their approval.

Puntland authorities have lastly concluded that to ensure the security of the region during the election anyone who visits the region will be investigated through the order of the administration.

The Puntland presidential election is expected to be held in January 2019.

The federal government of Somalia was before accused of interference of the SWS presidential election after they have deployed heavy troops and government officials in the region.

Abdiaziz Laftagreen was elected as the SWS president on 19 November after the federal government has arrested Mukhtar Robow who was also SWS  presidential candidate.

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