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Puntland forces allegedly destroying pastoralist properties in Mudug region

Storyline:National News, Security

Puntland forces were allegedly for destroying pastrolist properties in Galkayo of Mudug region.

Pastoralists in Galkayo areas were complaining about harassment by the Puntland forces for destroying their properties and their homes.

The people in Daynile Ali Waal area said that Puntland forces are harshly destroying their properties and no one is taking the responsibility for their action.

The elders of the region have called that the action will negatively affect the Galkayo peace treaties and they are calling the Puntland authorities to immediately react and pay compensation for the people who have been affected by the action of the Puntland forces.

Meanwhile, Galmudug’s peace council committee who visited the area has seriously condemned the action.

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