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Puntland forces nab Al-Shabaab elements in Bosaso operations

Storyline:National News, Security


The Puntland Anti-Terrorism Unit (PMPF) has last night carried out a massive security operation in Bosaso in a bid of scaling up security ahead of the Lower House election in Somalia.

The planned raid in the Bari region by the PMPF netted several members of Al-Shabaab and ISIS in a statement released by the Anti-Terrorism Unit.

“The Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) has carried out planned operations targeting Al-Shabaab and ISIS terrorist groups in Bossaso.”

The purpose of the operation was to flush out Al-Shabaab and ISIS militants who carry out sporadic attacks and assassinations in the region.

A statement from the Puntland Coast Guard said, “the mission’s mission has been successful and the troops will continue to serve their people and their country”.

The PMPF also said it would continue conducting planned operations against al-Shabaab and ISIS in the mountainous areas of the Bari region.