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Puntland presidential candidates accuse Gas of creating political crisis in the region

Storyline:National News, World

Puntland presidential candidates have accused the outgoing president Abdiweli Ali Gaas of creating a political crisis in the region.

Farah Ali Shire, one of the Puntland presidency candidates addressed the media yesterday about the Puntland election ahead on January and the general security situation of the country.

Farah Ali Shire said that President Abdiweli Gaas has not consulted anyone in his administration about the selection of the eight members of dispute resolution and vetting committee for the upcoming parliamentary election that he selected on last week.

“We are not satisfied with vetting committee selected by president Abdweli Gas who currently have no authority to select and order anything as he is just like any other candidate of the Puntland presidency,” said Farah Ali Shire

Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas has last Monday announced eight-member dispute resolution and vetting committee for the upcoming parliamentary election.

The Puntland member state assembly is basically selected on a clan nomination system in which case elders from the respective sub-clans submit names of candidates for the parliamentary seats allocated to the vetting and dispute resolution committee.

State presidential campaigns are ongoing in Puntland ahead of the elections slated for January 2019 as Abdiweli Gas is also expected to defend his seat.

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