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 Puntland presidential candidates to address parliament today

Storyline:National News

Puntland presidential candidates and deputy presidential candidates are today expected to pitch their proposals before the state parliament for consideration as president and deputy ahead of the 8th January vote.

The presidential candidates lead by the outgoing Putland president Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas and 20 other candidates and 11 of deputy president candidates are today expected to display their action plan after their victory in the coming election.

Puntland election committee has yesterday issued the list of 21 presidential candidate nominees and 11 of deputy president nominees.

The committee has also yesterday acquired $ 420,000 from the Puntland presidential candidates and $ 110,000 from the deputy presidential nominees which have concluded to a total amount of $ 530,000.

The election committee has Saturday announced the presidential candidates to deposit $20,000 to the polls body while the deputy presidential candidates are charged to pay $10,000.

Puntland presidential candidate’s poll is expected to kick off on 8th January 2019.

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