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Puntland presidential candidates to submit nomination papers from today

Storyline:National News

Candidates contesting in the upcoming presidential election in Puntland state will from today submit their nomination papers from 12 PM to 6th January at 4 PM ahead of the poll scheduled of 8th January 2019.

The presidential election committee today officially indicated in the coming submission days of papers for candidates intending to participate in the election.

The committee had also announced that Presidential candidates must deposit $20,000 to the polls body while the deputy presidential candidates will be required to pay $10,000.

Each candidate will sign before the election is completed by the electoral commission to confirm the candidates are satisfied with the election results, and any candidate who didn’t sign the text of the 6th Amendment is considered to have abdicated from his/her candidacy.

More than five candidates are contesting including the outgoing president Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas.

The committee also ordered that candidates must be from Puntland state, must not be married to a foreigner, must be a practising Muslim and should not be less than 40 years old.

The candidate must be of sound mind, not convicted by a court before and have knowledge and experience required of a state president.

All presidential candidates will pitch their proposals before the state parliament for consideration as president on 07/01/2019 ahead of the 8th January vote.

Puntland presidential candidate’s poll is expected to kick off on 8th January 2019.

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