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Puntland vetting committee announce new MPs to elect the president of the state

Storyline:National News

The members of dispute resolution and vetting committee who were recently appointed by the president of Puntland have yesterday announced the names of new state MPs that were elected from the regions of Puntland state.

The list of state MPs, which the clan elders proposed their names to the Vetting committee, do not include the allocation of women that should have the new State MPs at least 30%, and the new list that consists of 66 MPs include only one woman that was elected from Sool region.

The new MPs will be electing the new president of the state on 8th January 2018.

However, the elected Mps  by the vetting committee includes: Abiaziz Abdullahi Osman, Haamud Ismail Hirsi, Abdihamid Sheikh Abdisalam, Daud nur muse, Abdullahi Yussuf Muse, Muse Sicid Hassan, Mahat Mohamed Warsame, Farah Khalif Elmi, Abdirahman Hassan Said, Ahmed Jamaa Dirie, Jamaa Yasin Jamaa, Mohamed Farah Mire, Bashir Askar Hussein, Moahamed Ismail Hassan ( Siibad), Mohamud Mohamed Bare, Abdirahman Said Farah, Sharmake Ali Elmi, Ayanle Galan Guled, Abdiaziz said Mohamud, Suleiman Farah Isse, Rage Salah Osman.

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