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Qatar’s Ambassador to Somalia pledge to launch projects in Hirshabelle

Storyline:National News

Qatar’s Ambassador to Somalia, Hassan Hamza Asad, has yesterday paid visit to Jowhar, the capital of HirShabelle regional state.

The ambassador was welcomed at Jowhar airport by members of the HirShabelle state government.

The ambassador held a meeting with state officials after a visit to some of the historic sites in Jowhar.

HirShabelle state president Mohammed Abdi Waare, Vice-president Ali Gudlawe Hussein and the two deputy speakers met with the Qatari envoy at the state presidential palace and discussed cooperation and strengthening relations with the Qatari government.

The ambassador has pledged to closely work with HirShabelle state on development issues especially in the sectors of agriculture, education, health and public infrastructures.

President Waare praised the ambassador’s visit to the capital of HirShabelle state and stated that the state would greatly welcome Qatar’s economic and social support.

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