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Rebel forces in Beletweyne block planned visit by HirShabelle president

Storyline:National News, Security

GOOBJOOG NEWS|BELETWEYNE: Forces allied to the Hiiraan Revolutionary Council led by former SNA commandant Col Nuur Dheere moved into Beletweyne town Tuesday morning following a planned visit by state president Ali Gudlawe.

Sources in the town said the HirShabelle state administration officials gathered at the regional headquarters a the Dheere-led forces were seen in various parts of the town.

The arrival of the rebel forces followed protests Monday night against the expected arrival of Gudlawe. Sources indicate that the beleaguered president has since cancelled his visit to Beletweyne.

Photo: Goobjoog News

Former Hiiraan Revolutionary Council leader General Abukar Hud left for Mogadishu last week amid reports that Villa Somalia had convinced him to quit the resistance and focus on the upcoming Lower House elections for Hiiraan region.

Photo: Goobjoog News

Villa Somalia is reportedly banking on Hud to secure a slice of the 25 seats up for elections in Beletweyne.

More to follow.