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SNA conduct operation against Al-Shabab on the outskirt of Jowhar, Middle Shabelle

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali national army drives well-planned operation against Al-Shabaab on the outskirt of Jowhar, the headquarter of Hirshabelle regional state.

After a brief confrontation in Bulo-Sheikh neighbourhood, east side of Jowhar town where militias were trying to disrupt the security of the capital Hirshabelle regional state was flashed out by the security forces.

Hirshabelle security officials confirmed that no civilians were harmed in the process of the operation. On the other hand, the troops carried out security operations this morning to some of the villages under Jowhar town to secure from Al-Shabaab militants.

This operation comes after government troops thwarted Al-Shabba attack at security checkpoint controlled by the Somali police force in Jowhar town last night.

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