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Somaliland: 13-year-old girl raped at Hargeisa Orphanage Center

Storyline:National News, Security

The father of 13 years old girl, Harir Rageh told the media that his eldest daughter was raped at Hargeisa Orphanage Center.
According to rage’s speech, the orphanage’s management had known before, but they refused to meet his daughter and do the required action about the incident.

“I was blind, her mother was mentally ill! We were poor and alone. I could not feed or look after my three children so I took them to Hargeisa orphanage centre. I thought they would be safe and looked after there but my eldest daughter was raped repeatedly by many, left pregnant, forced to attempt to abort the child and to marry one of her rapists.”Said Harir rageh.

“I was never informed and the case was never reported to the authorities for months. The last time I went to visit I did not see my other younger daughter there. She is also now at risk, he added.

Somaliland Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said investigations are on and arrested five young men who allegedly rape against.
The United Nations Office in Somalia report in 2019 indicates 774 incidents of violence, of which 244 were rape cases in different regions.

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