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Somaliland House of Elders extend 9 months for the House representatives

Storyline:National News, World

The Somaliland House of Elders has today extended space to the House of Representatives for the 5th time and added a nine-month extension.

The election commission declared the election to take place in December 2019, while the term of the House representative ends on January 2020.

This extension comes as there is a dispute between the political parties in  Somaliland over the duration of the coming election.

The international community also raised concerns over the decision to combine the parliamentary and local elections and put forward to March. Presidential elections were later held in November 2017.

The current parliament came to office 2005 with elections expected at the end of the five-year term slated for October 30, 2010. However, the exercise was put off to June 30, 2013. As the June deadline came closer, the break-away region announced a new date- February 27, 2015, which again came and went.

Presidential polls were then set for March 28, 2017, and later to October 27, 2017 parliament, under international pressure settled for November 13, 2017, and announced Parliamentary and local elections would be conducted on March 27, 2019.

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