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Somaliland MPs request the Attorney General to arrest UCID party leader

Storyline:National News, Security

Somaliland lower House parliament has rescinded the Chairman of the Somaliland opposition party UCID leader Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe.

According to a statement released by the Somaliland parliamentary committee states the members of the House of have withdrawn their trust and cooperation from Chairman of the party.

The MPs accused UCID party leader of violating and disrespectful to the Somaliland Constitution and endangering the peace and unity of the people.

The Committee also calls for the Somaliland Attorney General to accuse Eng Faysal Ali of inciting public protests against Somaliland administration and creating conflict in the Somaliland community.

The Grand Sultan of Somaliland clans, Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir warned against the rumoured plans for the detention of the Faisal Ali Warabe in which he noted that the case behind of president Muse Bihi.

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