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Somaliland soldiers and opposition forces killed in Las’anod.

Storyline:National News

Two Somaliland soldiers and a member of opposition forces were killed after a fight broke out in Las’anod.

Somaliland interim ministry says in a press statement that anti-government militants attacked a military base in the town, and accused traditional clan leaders stationed in Las’anod for the last weeks of being behind the attacks against the government.

Somaliland released an official statement on the fight as elders in the Las’anod town declined to comment on today’s deadly clashes. The situation is furthermore volatile and a similar battle seems imminent if both says don’t bring a solution to end the stalemate. The traditional leaders in the city had a close-door meeting on the last conflict between Somalinad soldiers and the opposition. Nothing came out so far.

Residents in the El-Afwayn district in the Sanag region took to the streets in protest after the killing of a civilian by Somaliland security services on Sunday. Witnesses reported the sound of gunfire and casualties of the warring sides.

On the other hand, the traditional elders who have had a consultation conference in Las’anod for the last weeks released a statement mentioning that the Sool and Sanaag residents separated from Somaliland and established self-ruled administration.

The Las’anod unrest began after unknown gunmen killed civilians, and the protestors accused Somaliland was behind the assassinations in the town.

The Somali government did not utter a word on the recent incidents in Las’anod. However, lower house representatives from Sool and Sanaag talked to the press at the front of the house and blamed Somaliland for committing a crime against humanity, warned it of blockading the will and the determination of people in Sool and Sanaag regions.