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Somaliland: Somalia to avoid encroaching DP World work at Berbera Port

Storyline:National News, Security

Somaliland has warned Somalia to keep off the developments of the Berbera port by the United Arab Emirates Company DP World following minister of the federal government for foreign affairs message to the DP World interference in Somalia.

The self-declared republic of Somaliland said Somalia had no moral authority interfering with the expansion of the Berbera Port and building of the Berbera corridor by the UAE firm.

Somalia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Isse Awad accused DP World internal interference and noted the operations implemented in Somaliland as a danger to Somalia’s territory.

The first phase expansion project of world-class Port of Berbera now ready to be finalized this year, Somaliland Permanent Diplomatic Mission in Ethiopia Deputy Amb. Barkhad Mohamoud Kaariye told The Ethiopian Herald.

“The entire project will get completed by the end of the next year and it will start operation by the same period. This multi-purpose project is worth a total of 442mln. USD.” He said, in an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald

“From the tripartite investment agreement on Berbera Port, Ethiopia holds 19 percent stake, DP World holds a 51 percent, while Somaliland holds the rest 30 percent. There is also a multi-million economic free zone in Berbera that will boost the function of the port as well,” he added.

Somaliland and Somalia have been at crossroads since the government Siyad Bare’’s regime collapse in 1991 forming its independent own government, institutions, military and currency but remains unrecognised for international.

The reconciliation terms between the two countries pushed by the international community and the United Nations have fatigued no fruits still.

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