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The power bill got the OKay from the Senate.

On Sunday, Somalia’s senators held their regular session in Mogadishu. The council discussed the Somali electricity bill, and the meeting was chaired by the second deputy chairman of the chamber, Abdullahi Ali Khersi (Timacadde).

On the agenda of the meeting was the second reading of the national electricity bill, which the members discussed and expressed their views on some of the members of the House who expressed their notion on the debate signaled the importance of the article to the country.

Osman Abukar Dufle, who spoke on the implication of electricity, said that the electric provider companies do not give compensation to the people whose properties burned, and sometimes the electricity takes their lives.

Chairman Timacadde chaired the meeting at the end to approve the law as the members had not mentioned any significant legal errors during their debate. The MPs finally endorsed the electricity bill.

The Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Jama Takal Abbas, thanked the senators of the Upper House for approving the bill for the power plant, which is important for the country.

The legislation has already been backed by the member of people’s assembly, and awaits the president to inaction it.