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The Somali Prime Minister has urged the judiciary to bring offenders accountable

Storyline:National News, Security

FILE: Prime Minister Hamza Barre
Somali Prime Minister Hamze Abdi argues for the Somali judiciary to bring justice when a defender kills Somali citizens without legal process. He noted a lot about how important the justice system is and how it is needed to protect the rights and property of citizens.

The prime minister told the annual meeting of Somali attorney generals that they should work hard to improve the justice system and give prosecutors an edge over criminals who shoot civilians in the streets.

“We have worked hard to safeguard our people; our gallant soldiers are battling Al-Shabaab; nonetheless, more Somali citizens are being slaughtered in Mogadishu streets by individuals wearing military uniforms, which we cannot condone; we have called for courts to prosecute those criminals,” the prime minister said.

He expressed concern about bribery, corruption, and the lack of access to justice in Somalia.
Domestic revenue cannot develop until we combat and eliminate corruption, and we must remove suspicious persons who engage in nepotism and corruption in government organizations. He continues.

He also advises the Somali community to stay away from anything that eases corruption and poor management.

On Sunday, armed men wearing Somalia security uniforms shot three civilians in different locations in Mogadishu. The victims include a student.

This afternoon, the police spokesman, Saqid Dodisho, told the media that the security agencies handcuffed the suspects in yesterday’s murders and added to his remarks that there are ongoing security operations in Mogadishu.

“Three incidents occurred in Mogadishu: armed men shot civilians; police succeeded in apprehending some of the criminals, who are now in custody and will appear in the right court to face justice,” said the police spokesman, Sadiq Dodisho.

In Mogadishu, there is a significant presence of armed forces in the city, and they fire on civilians as they pass by on the highways.
The Somali Military Court sentenced the death to several soldiers convicted by the government forces.

Somali security and military deal with terrorist groups, and there is a strong mistrust between soldiers and ordinary people while they use the same road.

Somalia’s judiciary is in disarray as the government works to establish an independent judiciary commission.
International transparency ranked Somalia as one of the world’s most corrupt countries.