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Turkish Red Crescent plans to give Humanitarian aid to Sool region of Somalia

Storyline:National News

Turkish Red Crescent is planning to give humanitarian aid to the Sool region of Somalia,

where inter-clan clashes affected, in the coming days. A technical team from Turkish Red Crescent made field research and identified urgent needs of the local people. At the first stage, food aid will be delivered to designated villages namely, Dhummay, Dharkayn Geenyo, Dhagax Isguro etc. Approximately 15.000 local people will be benefitted within this operation.

The inter-clan clashes have been mounting for years. The main cause of the conflict reported being the control over the pasture, water and grazing land as well as the ownership of water sources.

There were a number of interventions and dialogues carried out by both Puntland and Somaliland administrations as well as traditional elders, but the interventions have been disrupted by frequent clashes.

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