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Who is the new president of Puntland State Sai’id Deni?

Storyline:National News

Said Abdullahi Mohamed Deni who won the presidential election in Puntland was also sworn as the new president of  Puntland state for the next 5 years.

Said Abdullahi Mohamed (Dani), completed his primary education in Mogadishu on July (1972-80) and joined Hassan Barsane for his high school on (1980-84).

After graduating 1990 with a degree from Somali National University, Said went on to complete his Master at Putra University Malaysia on 1998-2000 with specializing in management.

On 17 January 2014, Mohamed was named Somalia’s new Minister of Planning by Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed as he succeeded Mohamud Hassan Suleiman at the position.

On September 2014, his ministry has published a preliminary population census for Somalia which marked as the first in such governmental initiative in over two decades.

Said Abdullahi Mohamed (Dani) was one of the founders of Puntland state and also worked in the post and telecommunication ministry and so many other significant positions in Puntland state.

Said Abdullahi is also a businessman and prominent politician in Somalia.

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