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Yet again, police officer guns down bajaj driver in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

A police officer has yet again killed a bajaj driver in Mogadishu adding to an increasing number of bajaj drivers felled by police bullets in several months now.

Eyewitnesses told the media the auto-rickshaw (bajaj) driver was gunned down by the officer after a quarrel in Trabunka junction in Mogadishu.

The incident comes barely a month after another police officer shot dead a 24-year-old bajaj driver who was also a footballer at Geeska Africa FC in Howlwadag district, Mogadishu. The killing sparked mass demonstrations in Mogadishu which in turn resulted in death of at least five people as security forces engaged demonstrators in running battles.

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On April 1, a police officer gunned down a bajaj driver in Waberi district after an alleged altercation over money.

There is no word yet regarding the prosecution of the officers behind the killings.